Thursday, 23 August 2012

Fire Setters Reach Florence



Sackerson said...

It'll all come back, don't worry.

Jeff Wood said...

Damn shame.

Last night, I was looking north, and saw a glow high in the hills which surround Lucca. This morning Il Tirreno reports a bad wildfire up there.

The countryside is tinder dry, and goodness knows what the wildlife are doing for water, or what we will do if our hills go up.

So far, just a few small outbreaks, likely spontaneous combustion, and a big one southeast of Volterra which may have had stupid or sinister origins.

hatfield girl said...

We've made it, Jeff. Today the summer ended. There will be lovely days yet to come but all morning thunder storms raged round inside the hills.

Afterwards the woods were actually steaming. We saw 7 or 8 deer running across the opposite hill disturbed by the lightning strikes.

Covers issue this evening - light cotton, but no more just a sheet.

What has burned won't come back while I'm around to see it, S. So in a sense (mine) it is gone forever.

Sackerson said...

Yes it will, HG - nature is good at recovering and I hope and trust you will have ever so long to enjoy it again.

Jeff Wood said...

Aye, Dear, looks as if we are there.

Our first storm was in the night. My Lady (Is she typical?) insists that when she clutches me in terror, I have to be awake.

That was not enough, but in the morning, we got a sustained downpour - complete with son et lumière, which should have done the business for a month at least.

Green shoots everywhere. It will take me a while to get used to the fact that Italian autumns are times of growth.

Jeff Wood said...

Forgot to add: right on cue, the first grapes have appeared. The tiny buds now have a chance of growing sensuously fat in the next month.

I must check out allegorical paintings featuring bunches of grapes, luscious for the handling and tasting; and women, ditto.