Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Knocking European and Global Sense into the Workers of Italy

This is the Mayor of the city of Terni (Umbria) beaten with truncheons by police during a workers' demonstration this morning against the multinational Finnish Outokumpu AST steelworks' refusal to discuss wages and conditions and the role of the works in the Umbrian and national economy.

De facto the constitution of Italy has  been suspended since the 'election' of Napolitano as head of state for a second term, and all that has come in its wake.  Now we seem to be getting down to brass tacks, and local and regional heads.


The state police declare the mayor was hit on the head accidentally by an umbrella.   Good thing he wasn't on Waterloo Bridge or he'd be dead.  Dangerous things umbrellas. 

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Caronte said...

I have seen the video of a man waving an umbrella at the demonstration, but there is no evidence that he has hit the mayor. The man has been identified and he denies it, while the mayor insists that he has been hit twice with a truncheon. The damage to the head is too extensive to have been caused by an umbrella hit, I believe the mayor not the police.