Monday, 25 May 2015

Schenghen Suspended by Germany for the G7

"The imperative requirements of security measures have forced me to replace the frontier controls at Germany's borders from 26 May to 15 June 2015 in view of the G7 meeting."*  (at Elmau castle in Bavaria.) 

On 14 April 2015 Karl Ernst Thomas de Maizière, the German Interior Minister, sent this announcement to the EU, suspending the Schenghen Agreement while the great and the good of Europe were exposed to the threats of uncontrolled movements of peoples.

What a pity their concerns about their own security refer only to themselves and not to the populations of European countries stripped of their frontiers (and so many other democratic defences of their nation states.)  Recently Bolzano has been transformed into a major centre for the transfer of migrants landed on the Italian peninsula into Austria and Germany  - as has Ventimiglia for transfer into southern France.  

Attendees at the G7 can hardly consider themselves as threatened economically by these waves of migrants.  Perhaps they might care to recognise that resident European populations too are afraid for their  personal (never mind economic and cultural)  safety.

*"Le impellenti necessità di misure di sicurezza in vista del G7 mi hanno indotto a ripristinare i controlli ai confini con la Germania nel periodo compreso fra il 26 maggio e il 15 giugno 2015"

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