Wednesday, 17 June 2015

John F Kennedy's Demand Needs a Response From Migrants

"Ask not what our countries can do for you - ask what you can do for our countries."

Europe faces nothing but insistence on admittance from African migrants.  We are asked "Where is your humanity?"  We are told "We must be allowed to pass."  We face aggression and insults to our magistrates and their officers when  after (in our humanity) fishing them out of the sea, they are offered shelter in 'unsatisfactory' asylum.

And the "...what can you do  for our countries"?   is never answered.


Raedwald said...

HG - Everyone agrees that Italy shouldn't shoulder the burden alone and everyone is willing to assist Italy in any way possible that doesn't actually include, erm, taking any of the migrants.

And yes, though the migrants are media-savvy with their pithy English language slogans on rocks / sheets / banners, it appears they haven't been media-schooled in not biting the hand that feeds them - at least not whilst on-camera.

It's all up to Italy which way this goes; if in the direction of internment camps with males and females kept separately and with public health screening and disease control in place, internment to be until some other EU nation volunteers to take them or they voluntarily go home, then I suspect the entire costs of the operation would be willingly paid by Italy's northern neighbours.

hatfield girl said...

Yes, R. Though Italy is at least three States: the President-headed civil and military state acting through prefects, magistrates and the police and paramilitary carabinieri -leading into the armed forces; the political State acting through the elected parliament and regional powers, deeply entwined with the EU; the mafia-State, with its own clientele and hierarchies, deeply entwined with the other States and with international mafias. The fourth power, though not perhaps the State itself, is the Church.

Those people on the Balzi Rossi are being dealt with, at the moment, by the civil State, through the Prefect and the magistrate, and the police (who it should not be forgotten, are the same force that acted at the G8 demonstrations). The interests they are offending other than the civil power and the law, are the economic interests of the mafia State, on the whole and in that part of the world; do they realise one wonders. They've been told to get down and stop being silly. There is an absolute political silence and lack of support around them from the political State, and only the Church is having the equivalent of the Catholic Women's League send down hot meals of an evening and some covers, as an act of Christian charity.

One of the States of Italy is going to do something more in the end. Which one it is will determine what's done.