Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Jonah Strikes More Widely in UK Black Outs

“Nine generating units have become unavailable throughout Tuesday.” the National Grid admitted.

The collapse of the country into the third world under Jonah Brown and his Band of Brothers continues. 'At midday the Sizewell B nuclear power station, run by British Energy in Suffolk, and the Longanett coal-fired power station, run by Scottish Energy in Fife, went offline within two minutes of each other. Later, “generating units” in power stations in Grain, Kent, and Ratcliffe, Nottinghamshire, and at EDF in Cottam, Nottinghamshire, Centrica in South Humber and International Power in Deeside each suffered cuts.' Not just a flicker of the lights and a dip for a moment, the power went off for hours, from High Wycombe to Scotland.

Eleven years of lack of investment in infrastructure, a complete mismanagement of the energy environment in the UK, constant interference in energy markets by Jonah and his tax attacks in all ignorance of the dynamics of energy has got us rolling power cuts. At least Heath was engaged in what he understood and had our authority to act in - a political showdown with political bullies.

Jonah has been a lightning rod for ill-fortune and disaster for 11 years. In his arrogant, uncomprehending meddling he has made the country poorer and uncomfortable compared to the rest of western Europe, but now it is becoming dangerous and unlivable.


Anonymous said...

How very odd that all these stations went down together. This sounds like concerted, but unspoken, action in support of the lorry drivers leading the charge against fuel/VED price increases.

None of which of course detracts from your point about the years of neglect and interference.

hatfield girl said...

That's a sharp response Nomad. I'd given way to the jettatore,the throwing of ill fortune, view of Brown. There's been considerable discussion about what action, other than formal voting etc., can be taken against this junta which is supported by the trade unions, so any kind of withdrawal of labour is out, they are the same people as Brown, his supporters, his henchmen.

The fuel protests, the countryside alliance, the failure of power supplies, are all non-labour (or non-Labour) disasters for a hanging-on-by-their-fingernails cabal of organised corruption of the left.

Nick Drew is the man for chapter, verse and amen on Brown and his ridiculous fiddling with energy, of course. I keep checking in to capitalists@work for a view.

The Times reported that no reason could be offered for the contemporaneous supply failures as it would affect the price of energy. Is 'the price of energy' what a D notice is called these days?

Nick Drew said...

this episode smells strongly of 2-day old mackerel & I am trying to find out more

Nick Drew said...

Have been sniffing around - first findings here

Your instincts were spot-on