Monday, 15 July 2013

Rather Here Than There

The government so ardently desired and forcibly installed by Napolitano is now beyond description revolting.  The Deputy Speaker of the Senate has called the Minister for equality of opportunity an orangutan.  Leading members of his party have called for apologies not to the minister but to orangutans.  Napolitano, in an attempt to discard responsibility for the imposition of this coalition protested at the unheard of and degrading insults and was told to be quiet and mind his own business as this is the administration he engineered and sustains.

Napolitano has tried to assert that F35s and their worth and purchase is a decision for him and his puppet Executive, and to push aside Parliament's central decisional importance on expenditure;  he has been sharply put in place by constitutional analysts and even his own 'Commission' of constitutional experts but continues to insist that he and his army can do as they choose with their yet-another-special 'Commission', meeting in the presidential palace.

This corruption of politicians posing as an elected government has rendered the wife and daughter of a refugee to Kazahkstan  after informal meetings in Sardinia between the Kazahkstan dictator and Berlusconi.  Insult was then added to injury by the Italian state declaring the rendition shouldn't have taken place and the wife and daughter are welcome to return to Italy.  They have neither passports nor means or permission to go, and who would willingly return, considering the manner of their leaving? 

At what level of political and moral degradation  any member of the Letta government will resign is a source of speculation.  Economic failure, mass unemployment, social repression, law-breaking, state officials' and ministers' racial abuse (it's not just the Minister for Equalities, the illegally rendered wife was attacked by Ministry of the Interior paramilitaries screaming 'Russian whore' as they dragged her out of her house); and the suspension of Parliament for two days in protest at Berlusconi's final appeal being brought forward to deny the statute of limitations cancelling his conviction and condemnation - a suspension supported and voted for by the Democratic party and minor members of Napolitano's coalition administration - has not been enough.

In an appalling way it's technically interesting to watch how a fascist regime is put in place.  From London, that is.  Even the weather is better here than there.


Caronte said...

You think things in Italy could not be worse? You are an optimist. They could, oh yes they could. And they will.

dearieme said...

I was talking to a Greek last night about Greece's woes. Oh dear. Yup, things could get worse in Italy.

Caronte said...

The Italians are accident prone with extraditions.

The former chief of the Milan CIA station Robert Lady, condamned by an Italian Court (with 22 other Americans) to 9 years in jail for the 2003 extraordinary rendition and subsequent torture of the Egyptian cleric Abu Omar, was arrested in Panama but was flown back to the US and is a free citizen in spite of an Italian extradition request.

Perhaps the President of Italiastan, Giorgio Napolitano, could generously pardon Robert Lady. He has already done it for Joseph Romano, another CIA agent convicted of the same crime. Neither have spent a single day in jail, but would be free to spend their holidays in Italy and promote both tourism and friendship with President Obama.

When one falls off a horse it is always best to pretend that one intended to dismount.

dearieme said...

At least I've seen no suggestion that Italy will attack Syria. Be thankful for small mercies.