Friday, 18 December 2009

Brown Has A Cunning Plan

'Mr Brown said that he had an alternative plan in case the talks failed to yield an agreement. He declined to give any details about this plan, though it is likely to include convening another summit involving a smaller number of countries early next year.' (Times)

Well, it would have to be early next year, wouldn't it? There are quite a lot of people in the United Kingdom, ie., most of the UK electorate, who are expecting to vote Brown out of office next Spring or early Summer. So many summits to host, so little time. Perhaps it would be best to put off the inconvenience of a general election that would so interfere with saving the world (and saving his employment skin.)

And why is it that Brown can keep on jerking Obama's chain? G20s, Copenhagen Climate conferences, Afghan get togethers, now another Climate Cuddle (with only those who want to eat Sarah's wholewheat, vegetarian lasagne swilled away with local Scottish Chianti-U-like this time.)

Presidents of the United States used to preside over the rest of the world from Washington, benign and fierce depending on world circumstances. This one even gets caught in the kitchens, or in a freezing-cold Danish industrial mall (or should that be maul?) that is dreaming of global warming, while escaping from the Scottish Bogeyman.


Bill Quango MP said...

That infatuation just hasn't got any better has it?

Brown knows there is no good UK news coming for many many months. He tries to generate some good foreign news instead.

hatfield girl said...

End of January, BQ, for the next Brown saviour-of-the-world-and-please-love-me-Barak, has failed to announce President Obama's attendance. The US Commander in Chief of the war in Afghanistan seems a significant absence for such a gathering; Ms Clinton is no substitute, we all know that in Afghanistan girls don't count, and neither does this gathering as far as the US is concerned.

Brown seems to borrowing on the (somewhat sketchy) Blair administration plans for the post-conflict occupation of Iraq - new police academy, handover province by province, bringing warring tribesmen ('men' is definitely the word) into the 'political process'.

The Stans are rather a Russian speciality - have been since, ooh, 1917? I wonder if they have been invited. Or if they are coming anyway - though not to London.