Monday, 14 December 2009

Elections and Their Timing

Europe's new President is getting down to it. First he sends the member-states' foreign ministers off to play in their own meetings, which will be chaired by Catherine Ashton, not lurk about in the Council taking up space and time. Now Le Monde reports that he has called another Council meeting for February 2010:

'... il a annoncé, pour février 2010, un sommet extraordinaire afin de "dégager une stratégie économique claire dans les six mois".

Mr Van Rompuy may just have changed the 'discussion of the timing of the next general election' game. No-one in their right mind could think that Brown is going to risk missing such a shindig. (Go and look at the December European Council minutes - this is Saviour of the World stuff).

[declaration of interest: Angels has long held the view that Brown hasn't the slightest intention of conceding power.]


roym said...

"Brown hasn't the slightest intention of conceding power"

to who? the UK public, or Europe!

he'll get bombed out of the bunker somehow. even if someone has to dive in wearing a belt of grenades (mandy?).

rather insanely ive started reading this could be a good election to lose. people have been watching too much cricket

hatfield girl said...

R, I owed you a reply on another post and my only excuse is that I've been watching Chilcot in horrified, mortified silence; (the military have been having their say, and I didn't feel able to write on their evidence, military being a long way from my world).

This morning Jeremy Greenstock was back. I think the UK is going to have to be put through a 'de-Baathification', well de- Labourification process.

Blair's line was 'How high? How much of the Labour Party, UK establishment, military, media would you like to have jumping?'

Mortified, mortified.