Thursday, 2 February 2012

One in the Eye for the Globalistas

Christine Bortenlänger, the CEO of Munich Stock Exchange, was in a right paddy when she wrote (reported in Der Spiegel )

"The commissioners' decision is a decision in favor of a provincial and anachronistic isolation of Europe from the world. That's something that an export-oriented country like Germany can not support. It's time that the EU thought beyond its own borders, and thinks of itself as an important region on the global scale -- and also acts in a way that is open to the world."

Angels are against Europe being thought of   "as an important region on the global scale" just as much as being against the United Kingdom being thought of as an important region on the European (or indeed global) scale.

Particularly as 'global' has a nasty after-taste of 'American ' about it.  It isn't the American century after all; and what's left of their politico-economic debacle wrought in its assertion in the last twenty years is taking a great deal of cleaning up.


dearieme said...

As I get older I realise that much of what is said by VIPs is just so much gibberish.

hatfield girl said...

I do hope you're right Dearieme. VIPs speak such a big agenda with all those portentous words while Angels are rather given to stability, sameness, and local (with visits to the rest of the world, of course, but no desire for the rest of the world to become angelic).