Monday, 30 January 2012

Who Votes?

Here is a fine piece of writing on why a new decision must be taken in the British Isles on whether to leave, or stay within,  the European Union. 

The use of referendums to capture wishes on major political issues is unattractive given the United Kingdom's  parliamentary democracy system.  But the referendum has become the rallying cry of the dissenters to continued membership of the EU, and arguably must be accepted as the best understood and, therefore, probably the most efficient way of reaching a national decision.

So it is with the issue of Scottish independence.

So who votes in these referendums?  Forceful arguments have been made for the whole of the electorate of the current United Kingdom to vote on Scottish separation from the Union.  The English have been particularly vociferous in declaring their wish to end the union with Scotland.

Mutatis mutandis, when the referendum is held on separation from the European Union of whatever remains of the United Kingdom,  the European Union member-states, too, should have a voice in deciding whether the UK stays or goes.


Single acts of tyranny said...

Well observed, but this is not tricky. Both parties have to agree to a marriage. When one wants out, it ends.

So it should be with political union.

Nick Drew said...

oh come on HG there is a big difference

the EU is not a country !

it is a club: and no club can force one of its (bigger-contributing) members to stay

Nomad said...

The EU is not (yet) a prison. If the UK wants to walk out the gates remain open for the time being! The other two principal contributors will just have to increase their contributions to make up the shortfall.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

@Nick - "The EU is not a country".


That is the aim of the "colleagues", and always has been. It's only a matter of time.

Out now!

Weekend Yachtsman said...

"The English have been particularly vociferous in declaring their wish to end the union with Scotland."

True, but like everyone else in this business, they have been bamboozled by Salmond: his endless provision of "free" everything for the Scots - paid for, of course, by the English - is part of his strategy.

Cause as much resentment and aggro as possible on both sides, is basically his game, then with a bit of luck they will be only too glad to split when the time comes.

So far, if the polls are to be believed, it's not working out that way, but he has two more years and no doubt plenty more "free" this that and the next thing to dangle as carrots for the Scots and goadings of the English.

The man is a devious operator like no other.

hatfield girl said...

Tyranny, you are right. Unfortunately international treaties whether 300 or 3 years old pretend otherwise.

hatfield girl said...

Do you really think the EU is a club ND? I thought club membership was voluntary. Nothing voluntary for UK people about membership of the EU.

In passing, I wrote in the post about who votes. Not about how the vote be taken. This morning it is clear the vote HAS been taken - by the EU, and the UK is out. All Cameron's verbiage abut 'watching the operation of the single market like a hawk' etc., is cover.

25 states of the Union are realising major changes to the Treaties (and the 26th will be along just as soon as its constitutional court has given the ok).

What's Cameron, hawk-like over view or no, going to do about single market evolution? Threaten to leave?

The UK has the worst of all possible worlds: all the hassle and none of the benefits - and it's PAYING to be there. I suppose the payments are to buy a few gravy train jobs for the well-connected.

The UK elites' insistence on such a self- though no longer European-destructive membership is enough to make anyone go ballistic.

hatfield girl said...


Precisely Nomad and Yacht.