Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Carnival Should Face the Music

"The US owner of the passenger liner wrecked off the Italian coast 12 days ago with the loss of up to 32 lives was accused last night of failing to take responsibility for the tragedy, as prosecutors shone a light on failed safety procedures.

Angry consumer groups are demanding to know why Micky Arison, the billionaire head of Costa Cruise's Miami-based parent company, Carnival Corporation, has failed to make an appearance on the island of Giglio, where passengers' bodies are still being dragged out of the wrecked Costa Concordia."

Chances are the Italian magistrates might drag him in front of them, and keep him safe until a lot of the questions about safety procedures, not to mention chains of command and responsibility have been answered.  Israeli-American citizens don't leave their hidey-holes  when lots of dead passengers, identified and unidentified, are filling the mortuaries of a country with a robust investigative and legal system, or floating in the polluted water inside a sunken ship.


Caravaggio said...

worth watching what happened in the first hour:

hatfield girl said...

And reports from passengers that the Russians handed over wads of euros (well, it might have been the last useful thing a euro could do) to get onto the lifeboats first, and the crew demanded that they be boarded even before them saying 'These boats are reserved for the crew'.

If ever I hoped that justice be done, I hope it over this.