Thursday, 5 January 2012

Hungary: the Real Threat to Europe

Angels  refers readers to the horror that is developing in Hungary.

Returning to Vienna, on 13 January, it will certainly be worth asking also about the effects of Hungary's moral meltdown (which is causing its economic disaster) upon the Polish and Czech economies.   Because the governance of Europe is expressed through the nation states of which it is made, necessarily regional cultural and historical links cause the 'contagion' that has dominated the media over the Mediterranean member states in the  run up to Christmas.  Now it is the turn of eastern Europe and, once again, without justification of economic fundamentals in some of the affected states.   Investors are afraid of some kinds of politico/cultural and historical identities.

Which only goes to show that Marx is again - sigh - wrong.  Politics is not a superstructure generated by the economic base.  Politics is the public face of private morality.  And as Hungarians have demonstrated so horribly, democracy springing from a vile cultural mindset can instal quite evil regimes.

Fortunately democracy's means of expression range further than just  voting: from the withholding of civil consent to civil  war, with every stage in between.   Currently  Hungary is enjoying the democratic expressions of media outrage, letters of protest, mass demonstration, hunger strike, appeals to external democratic support from other European democratic states, and international economic pressure.  Nevertheless,  from Hungary rises a terrible miasma of  the central European  past that we had thought to bury in the cataclysm of 1945.

Primarily the European Union is not the imposition of a single European order: more importantly it is a bulwark against the atavistic European racialism that led to the Holocaust.  England, by the grace of God and its own determined morality,  is free of guilt for what was done to millions and millions of fellow citizens in the countries of continental Europe; but in the English rejection of the Union into which they have been tricked by their own politicians for their politicians' gain, they should have the greater grace to be aware of what that Union  stands firm against, and which in Hungary  is trying to rise again.


Weekend Yachtsman said...

The linked article seems to discuss how Hungary wishes to run its own affairs in its own way, but the EU won't let them.

We're all well aware that "the Union stands firm against" any expression of independence or self-government amongst its vassal states, but I hope that is not what you meant.

If you meant - as I guess and hope - that the "Union" stands firm against another rise of anti-Semitism in Eastern Europe, then we should reflect that its anti-democratic and bullying nature makes it unlikely to be all the effective.

If the safety valves of democracy continue to be screwed down from Brussels, sooner or later an explosion is likely.

hatfield girl said...

The link is supposed to go to Hungarian Spectrum, Yacht. I think the whole series of posts there is better than I can do as an outsider.

The European Union has multiple roots: sociopolitical offshoot of NATO, longterm programme for the reunification of Germany, the prevention of the use of Europe ever again as a battlefield (this is the one invariably put forward by the English Shirley Williamsy social democrats), the project to advance post-democratic administrative governance by 'meritocratic' elites, a single trading area with or without a common currency... All these objectives, and the others, co-exist (German unification excepted as it has now been achieved) and, quite notably, none of them are really in conformity with the UK's best interests, for although the UK is no longer a global power its institutions and history, as well as its goals remain global not regional.

The unifying purpose to which all right-thinking Europeans subscribe though, is the prevention of fascism's rise and the accompanying possibilities for the extermination of European peoples that fascism engenders.

As you say, "If the safety valves of democracy continue to be screwed down from Brussels, sooner or later an explosion is likely.' which is why the current formation of the EU is so particularly repugnant. But it must still be recognised that the prevention of holocaust is an objective that should temper proper and justifiable criticisms of Europe's failings, and that care in who is chosen as an ally in shaping Europe for the better should be informed by this, of all reasons, for the construction of European union.

Elby the Beserk said...

ZeroHedge on Italy

hatfield girl said...

Italy has a competent, functioning and readily accessible constitutional court though, Elby. Were the actions of the Italian president improper in inviting Monti to form an administration and submit it to the vote in both Houses - Berlusconi's administration having lost its majority in the Lower House - numerous appeals would have been lodged at once.

There has been no such protest; indeed no protest at all against the Monti administration in any other form either, apart from groans and screams from the usual suspects, ie the recipients of state cut-back effects. There has been also a remarkable number of arrests of criminal gang leaders recently. And now, those who evade taxes due are wondering how to hide their yachts and planes, their maseratis and ferraris, their multiple dwellings, enjoyed on a declared income of 20,000 euros a year.

There will be general elections in 2013 and, should Monti's administration fall in Parliamentary vote, the President will have to find another to try on the prime ministership and get the votes of confidence or, then and only then, call premature elections.

Italy in many respects is more responsive to democratic will, as well, than the UK's democracy. When a referendum is wanted here there is a specific and direct means to obtain one and its results are binding upon the government (not just of the day but subsequent governments).

Going with my mother's 'if there is nothing good to say then say nothing unless you must' policy - I have read the ZH guest post.