Wednesday, 4 April 2012

When is a Dove Not a Dove?

Imagine calling an Airbus 319 a dove.  No matter what colour you paint it, it's an ugly Airbus. 
(And artists are supposed to have some sense of beauty.  And history.  Aren't they?)

This is a Dove.  From de Havilland.


Nick Drew said...

always* pleasing aesthetics, the DH marque

I note with amusement the name of the 'designer' that perpetrated the artwork you take exception to is Pascal Anson. This is an Anson

- - - -
(* might have to pause before including the Vampire in this...)

hatfield girl said...

'Slow, vulnerable, short-ranged, with pitifully weak armament. The ineffectiveness of the 100lb bomb was illustrated in December 1939, when the British submarine HMS Snapper was attacked in error, hit directly, and suffered four broken lightbulbs.'

A right Anson.

BrianSJ said...

Aah, de Havilland!
S&L god bless you.