Saturday, 28 April 2012

Staying Close to Your Oil and Gas Supplies

The Prime Minister has been in talks with the Secretary General of NATO Rasmussen, who is in Rome for a number of meetings prior to the NATO summit in Chicago in late May.  Senator Monti noted:

"Italy assures a financial and manpower undertaking committed to the training of Afghan forces...until now taken on by Italy in helping the security of that accordance with the agreement signed by me with President Karzai on 26 January last."

It is no surprise that the Italian forces in Afghanistan are centred on Herat.  Where else?  The lovely city, the best carpets...
What is surprising (or perhaps more interesting than surprising) is their determination to stay after 2014.

It must be the proximity to all that  oil and gas.


dearieme said...

Get fracking. Or is Italy deficient in shale?

hatfield girl said...

Nowhere on Earth is deficient in shale, is it Dearieme? It's the extraction process; I can't remember how many tectonic plates are sliding around underneath Italy - a lot rather than one or two, certainly.

Also Italians are quite keen on messy, eco-destructive industries taking place elsewhere than on Italian territory - like wars they are profitable but should never be on home ground. It's that old, deep-rooted imperial tendency livened up by a nasty reminder in the first half of last century.

Never fight or frack on your own doorstep. Serve your interests somewhere else on someone else.

Nomad said...

But is this an Italian or an EU decision/initiative?

Cynical? Moi?