Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Turkey May not be European but Europe is not a State

All the fuss about the European Union dragging proud nation states of Europe into its maw looks somewhat exaggerated as the two European Union presidents wait hopefully for their invitation to the Chicago NATO summit at the end of the month.

The Secretary General of NATO Rasmussen has done his round of European and other NATO capitals for preliminary discussions, views have been taken and exchanged, but Turkey has objected to any European Union presence.  Not a NATO country, the Turks argue; shouldn't be invited.

Turkey 1: 'Baroness' Ashton scores her standard 0.


Nomad said...

Possibly slightly O/T, but I read yesterday that the EU has now opened its "embassy" in Burma. I wonder why this new load of interfering European bureaucrats is required as all the EU countries have their own Missions well established in Rangoon and are quite able to handle the EU stuff betwen them.

Maybe all this duplication accounts for the nearly 7% increase in the budget for next year?

hatfield girl said...

Possibly the Baroness Ashton thinks Rangoon is part of the North Hertforshire Health Authority?