Thursday, 31 May 2012

Bologna's Towers

       The towers of Bologna, Asinelli and Garisenda,

are moving with every tremor.  Almost a thousand years' old they display their age, leaning together, shifting slightly in response to temperature, environmenal change; but now they are being shaken over and over again and their movement has become cause for grave concern.

Staff from the Istituto nazionale di geofisica e vulcanologia  are  camped in the piazza Ravegnana monitoring the structures, joined by many of the citizenry.  They say that after the first shock the towers changed but the alterations are still being analysed; the second quake and waves of after shocks, which continued with more than 30 tremors last night, have produced further alterations in the towers.


a musician said...

My bedside table was shaking yesterday morning for a whole 5 seconds or so.

Why are the UK press (at least, the online papers) not reporting any of this?

There is no mention in online Guardian or Telegraph.

No mention. Is it not considered newsworthy enough? What are they waiting for, more dead or more important buildings to fall down?

lilith said...

No musician, the BBC must go on and on and on about Jeremy Hunt today (and tomorrow).

This is so sad.

hatfield girl said...

Why are the UK press (at least, the 'online papers) not reporting any of this?'

Obviously it is considered either unimportant or inappropriate for reporting. We can speculate on why either of these but the speculation would be unkind, critical, in either instance.

hatfield girl said...

PS The Camera degli Sposi has been damaged though it looks at the moment as if the Mantegnas have been untouched.