Saturday, 19 May 2012

In May

Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau  died on Friday at his home in Bavaria. He was 86.



Weekend Yachtsman said...

Sob indeed.

I could never get worked up about Schubert lieder, but without question Herr Fischer-Dieskau was one of the very greatest.


hatfield girl said...

In my view, Yacht, 17-year-old girls should not be exposed to (ahem) Schumann and Heine as presented by handsome German singers. It results in lifelong commitment to all three.

Elby the Beserk said...

Ìt must be a very fine thing to be able to sing like that. How it lifts the heart.

hatfield girl said...

The musicians are such a privileged lot. They are few, instantly identifiable, beyond being faked or talked-up (the real ones that is) equipped by their professional training to touch and change our souls, and they know their gifts and their cultivation of them so accurately - a self-awareness that is honed by their training; as is their awareness of others and others' responses to their art.

And the greatest of them live forever, their creations reformed in each generation by their own kind for our enlightenment.

Painters and sculptors do that too, but less directly because they do not have (or need) a band of performers to make them perceptible, concrete. Which has its drawbacks; the painters must rely on inexpert and uninformed eyes, usually. The musicians are always alive, responsive, informative, leading us, as audience, to understand.

Which is why the death of a musician impoverishes us all as much as the death of a friend.