Tuesday, 3 July 2012

The Most Beautiful of Cars

A Maserati was always beyond reach.   And if ever offered the choice this would be the darling of my heart.

Sergio Pininfarina, born  in Turin,  September 1926 -  died, July 2012.


Nick Drew said...

well, each to her own

but the gold standard remains the Aston Martin DB7

for very good reason, designers everywhere (yes, including Maserati) have subsequently sought to emulate the essence of this: so many times, they can no longer be enumerated

Weekend Yachtsman said...

No, Hats is right.

The original "Mrs. Robinson" spyder is the one.

RIP Sig. Pininfarina!

hatfield girl said...

It's very muscly, ND. Not a lot of grace and swish there. I'm glad Yacht thinks I'm on the side if the angels. He reproves me for thinking the monarchy is for reconsideration. Don't you think it might be getting just a touch, well, Ruritanian, Yacht?
Rupert of Hentzau-ish?