Thursday, 10 January 2013

Monti Puts Bersani in his Place

A sharp slap on the snout of the wannabe prime minister Bersani by the real thing Monti has sent the Italian spread below 270. 

"Whose side are you on?" whined the Democratic party Secretary after the Monti list put up a troika of candidates for the regional elections in Lombardy that will dish the candidate of the 'Left' and put control of the Italian Senate beyond their reach (it should be remembered that the Italian Senate is one half of a perfectly bi-cameral system with the Chamber of Deputies in the Italian Parliament; in such a system not to control both Houses is a fail) and thus the holding of office. 

"The side of the Italians who want access to power, not to be confined to assenting to one elite or another", is a montian answer literally incomprehensible to an authoritarian statist.

Bersani's demand has been met with an assertion of the supremacy of choosing what is to be done, not who is to do it.  An understanding of the purpose and aims of politics beyond the ken of our pierluigi.

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