Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Unbearable Bersani Bullies Ethical Voters

The Bersani bullyboys have been sent out again in force this week.  It has dawned on them that they have falling chances of taking the Senate and thus winning the elections. Voters are splitting their vote for the different Houses as the personnel and programmes of the various parties are fixed.  The protocommunist faction dominating the Democratic party is committed to all the weary policies of their ilk: high taxes for all; wealth taxes for the 'rich'; government-directed redistribution and 'investment'; no reforms of the labour market or the trade unions; advanced levels of fiscal and social surveillance..... the whole conceived and delivered by under-qualified and often confirmedly corrupt Party nominees.  A Brownian nightmare on the Mediterranean.

The heads of their party lists in the South of Italy are variously under investigation, charged or even at provisional stages of condemnation for Mafia-related corruption and general crime.  Not unnaturally there is a corruption- and Mafia-free list, led by a senior Southern magistrate, standing in all the Southern  regions - regions that must be won to take the Senate.  The lists for a Civic Revolution are attracting support so significant they will cause the Bersani candidates' defeat.  After all, if the people in the South want corrupt they can vote for Berluconi's candidates, which they probably will in large numbers, squeezing the Democratic party, from the  right, to  defeat.   There is a certain honesty-in-corruption that is more attractive than the Left's corruption-in-denial, let alone the wish to vote for no corruption at all.

Having refused to even speak to the leader of Civic Revolution the Democrats are now barking orders at voters to recognise their real civic duty to vote only for their Party and accusing the voters of political immorality in risking a Berlusconi win.  The Civic Revolution people had offered a clean list in the South and coalition within the centre-left but were dismissed by the Politburo as irrelevant if not positively uppity.  Now they're at 8-10% in the polls for the regions, and climbing, so it's not just Lombardia, the Veneto and the rest of the North at risk; it's Campania, Calabria and Sicily too.

On top of losing the Senate the Democrats' poll shares in the Lower House are falling as Mario Monti unpicks their economic pigheadedness.  40 days to go.

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