Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Democracy Denied in Major European Union States

That the European Union has no further historic purpose is an understanding whose time has come.  Germany is reunited - which was the primary objective of the immediate post-War original institutions - and, more importantly, no Europeans are going to permit the use of their terrain as battle fields again.

The European Projecteers are engaged in a wholly different and now collapsing plan.  Where 'plan' is the operative word - they want a centrally planned federal state, redistributive and 'fair' with  all the disastrous incompetencies that brought down the last attempt, under realised socialism, to be resolved by informational and technological innovation.  None of which  has anything to do with the unification of Germany except insofar as unification brought a definitive end to the failed attempt in the East.

When Nigel Lawson acknowledges that whatever European unity might have been it is now utterly inappropriate for the United Kingdom to subject itself to  its present and future intentions he does not even bring into the argument the sheer unpleasantness of some of its  Member States.  Current and developing unpleasantness, that is, never mind their pasts. 

Italy's new status as a presidential dictatorship is a malignant sore on the face of a  democratic Europe.  Its democratic political system has collapsed under the assault of an authoritarian statist egomaniac who still believes; whose  age and acculturation,  coupled with obdurate persistence in ideological and ethical wrongdoing has brought corruption of the soul.  The United Kingdom cannot continue in any kind of political association with a Europe accepting Member-States like Italy. 


Weekend Yachtsman said...

As Tim Worstall points out, the EU seems and awful lot of trouble to go to, just to prevent Germany invading France again.

Especially now that the Germans have found other - so far, effective - ways to impose their will on their neighbours.

And there are other reasons why major European land wars are now highly unlikely: for one, our populations are ageing and wars are a young mans' thing; for another, we have reduced our military capabilities way below what would be needed.

Yes, the "project" has outlived any usefulness it ever had.

hatfield girl said...

The establishment of Italy speaks of the process of 'national pacification' ie re-imposing party authority over the electorate. We elected over 25% of Parliament's members and the result is dictatorship - a closing of ranks, led by the country's president and backed by the EU to extra-constitutionally exclude from power all our representatives and to bend other institutions like the judiciary in the service of this 'national pacification'.

This was never part of the wholly reasonable project to re-unite Germany; this is the resurgence of state authoritarianism that we thought our grandfathers defeated last century. It's a measure too of just how deeply-rooted are the wrong'uns, some of them still in power after all these years. Self-righteous grotesques, old men still asserting their old evils.

Sackerson said...

That's the stuff to give them.

hatfield girl said...

We've got an extra-constitutional president ruling the country who is an original stalinist, the real thing, now in extreme old age (as such a relic would be, but he belongs in a museum). We've got a political class who have ignored the general election results (after the stalinist denying one for 18 months while the EU projecteers were further embedded into Italy's financial and economic affairs). We've got mass unemployment; the state refusing to pay debts owed to the private sector, pretending it's the EU that is able to prevent the payments; the ruling elites are kleptocratic (which is where much of the money has gone). We've got no money in the unemployment fund to pay survival incomes to a million laid-off workers (cf kleptocracy). We've now got a charade of a Parliament where all the parliamentary commissions which are central to the initiation of legislation and the functioning of parliamentary democracy Italian style are chaired by the convicted, the indicted and the investigated. A parliament where the largest elected party has been excluded from any role and denounced as populist reactionary ignoramuses who must be kept from disturbing the national pacification policy. We have the judiciary being attacked both by violent and condoned demonstations in courtrooms and by assaults from the executive and the presidential office.

Berlusconi can bring down the administration anytime and does not only because of secret agreements about his imprisonable status with the stalinist president being meticulously observed.

Words are not the stuff to give them, S. Our grandfathers should have put them away in their box properly, when the current dictatorial president was even then at his nasty work.

Sackerson said...

HG, would you consider doing a beginner's briefing for World Voices about what's going on in Italy?

Anonymous said...

I'm a bit curious about the sentiments expressed here.
" Europeans are going to permit the use of their terrain as battle fields again."
I do not recall ever reading about any European country (or any country worldwide, for that matter) actually "..permitting the use of their terrain as battlefields.."
What exactly is the correct "form" for this?
Is there a UN standard form? Whatever the method, is there a general invitation for interested parties to visit, armed to the teeth of course, and generally enact mayhem, murder and bloody war?

hatfield girl said...

I will try S,and thank you for the invitation. But see the next post - they actually appear to mean it!

hatfield girl said...

More or less, Anon. Quite commonplace to turn up armed to the teeth etc. Ask Africans. Not allowed in Europe any more, not even in the Balkans or Ireland.