Sunday, 15 February 2015

Never Mind Ukraine, This is Serious

Italian civilians are on board vessels escorted by marines and over-flown by drones as the Italian embassy in Tripoli is closed.  The Foreign Office has been advising all Italians to leave Libya since 1 February.  These last should arrive in Sicily early tomorrow.  At the same time at least 10 large vessels loaded with migrants are off the island of Lampedusa calling for rescue from the Italian coast guard and other marine resources.  The leader of the Lega Nord is demanding that they should be monitored, supplied with food and water but not permitted to land.  It is known that migrants have jihadisti among them.

The Christian churches in various Libyan cities are under attack and many of their clerics have refused to abandon their faithful.

Jihadisti forces have over-run areas in major Libyan cities, including Sirte, demanding submission to their rule.  In Italy Matteo Renzi, supported by Opposition leader Silvio Berlusconi and by other political leaders is calling for an immediate armed response to the threat to Italy and its interests only 200 miles from the European coast.  Jihadi are naming the Italians Crusaders.   


Anonymous said...

A chilling thought, here's a few more:

United front, Isis or, the west divided?

I hear, we can hear - the clarions of Isis who are declaring for the Caliphate.

Boko Haram, are operating in Chad and Mali, probably will link with Libya in time if it is not already secured. Isis in Sinai, and al-Shabab in the horn.

Libya and Italy have strong links and the collapse in Libya has been as spectacular inversely correlated to the western European media turning a blind eye. This is truly, a supranational crisis of major proportions and is causing a desperate refugee situation.

How long before Isis cements it's takeover in Libya and then what?
I think back, to a time.... like the Barbary pirates - who until the RN sorted them would launch attacks on shipping and coastal raids from Spain to Greece [even to Ireland and the SW of Britain] - there are big prizes and terror makes it's own publicity for the zealots and is their MO.

If I lived anywhere in coastal Southern Italy - genuinely: I'd be worried.

It's time for the west to threaten the Gulf state organizers and funding - of this formative Caliphate to halt or face the immediate consequences....... .

But you don't know, on which side is Rome-Brussels on - I can never tell these days.

Anonymous said...

Next, Isis controlled Libya, vast oil reserves and military runways and aircraft and how long before trained pilots are making or, attempted bombing runs on southern Europe? Maybe feasible............possibly. Any road up, it is time to rearm in northern Europe, is it not?