Monday, 2 February 2015

Sub-texts in Familiar Scenes

Looking at the photographs (Corriere della Sera) of the new president, on Saturday with his family watching the results coming in live from the Parliament, there is a feeling of returning to normality.  The sitting room with the pretty china in the display case, the ornaments, the decent lithographs and family paintings, the furniture with older (and smaller) pieces brought from the family house elsewhere, and most of all the certainty that lunch is ready to serve immediately this count is over.

Gone is the bombast of Napolitano and his accompanying anti-constitutional power grabs, seated amongst the glories of the Quirinale palace.  Gone his 'dossiers' on 'reform' of democracy dressed in the language of propriety but filled with contempt for every expression of choice by the people.  Napolitano, still talking, even now, has announced his dossiers will be handed on to be acted upon.

Yesterday, after Mass, President Mattarella called upon Napolitano (he had spoken at length with former President Ciampi, a distinguished economist and sometime Governor of the Bank of Italy the day before.  "you will understand my concerns....." the President is reported to have said).  But yesterday's call was 'to thank the former president for his efforts..'  On the doorstep of Napolitano's Rome house Matarella formally kissed Napolitano goodbye.  He left carrying only his gloves. 

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