Sunday, 1 March 2015

Giving another Meaning to Mare Nostrum

These are FREMM Italian navy frigates.  Along with a San Giorgio LPD and one (or perhaps two, the Defence Minister was unspecific) other ships with characteristics that also seem really useful  - admittedly aircraft carriers have a certain grandeur but sometimes grandeur is not what is needed - they have set off towards Libya.

The Sabratha platform and Greenstream  are attracting more commitment to  "un ruolo di sicurezza, deterrenza " e di  "dissuasione" in General Claudio Graziano's words, than the migrants being trafficked in rubber boats.

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Jeff Wood said...

Aye, weel. It depends on what they are authorised to do.

The most effective ways of stopping boats with illegal migrants aboard risk killing the migrants, including women a children, either by drowning or shooting.

Would the force enter embarkation ports and sink or disable the tubs used to ship migrants? It is what I would order, but people might be upset.