Thursday, 19 March 2015

The President of Italy Speaks Truth to Islamic Gunpower

"un gesto vile e odioso, commesso ai danni di persone inermi, in spregio alle piu' elementari norme di convivenza civile e rispetto della vita umana" *

*"a defiled and hateful act, carried out against undefended people, contemptuous of the most elementary rules of civilised existence and respect for human life"


Raedwald said...

Thanks for the Italian - even for a fool like me the contempt seems sharper in the original.

hatfield girl said...

A great deal more was said by the President, R, as you can imagine. All at the same level of discourse.

North Africa is not a desert but a treasure house.

Anonymous said...

Nuke them.

hatfield girl said...

I believe

"Smite them!"

would be more appropriate (and less messily radioative afterwards) Anon.