Saturday, 30 January 2010

Buying Power Isn't Just for Afghanistan and Northern Ireland

The Brown regime has been notable for how few by-elections have occurred.  This has been Party policy - every time there is a by-election Labour lose it (Scottish seats post Glasgow East don't count; they are notable for their high postal votes and disappearance of  the marked register).  Various measures to limit demands on MPs  - long breaks, short hours, leave to be absent etc., have been employed.  But best of all, the real winner, has been paying MPs who vacate their seats only at a general election tens of thousands of pounds of our money, tax free.

This tax free severance payment, some  6-12 months' of income from parliamentary position, is a major reason why Brown has not been ousted by a steady drip of retirements followed by lost by-elections.  Labour MPs know Brown will take Labour down with him, but some £50,000 to £100,000 each has kept them in place.  Just for starters; they'll all need their north of Watford local/regional  advisory position with expenses  reference from Brown's Party machine too.

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