Monday, 11 January 2010

Nick Drew opens the Seventh Seal

A Tarnished PM Foresees His Moral Death

I know that I shall lose the vote
Sometime in March, or May, or June
Those ranged against me laugh and gloat
Those on my side think me poltroon

My country is extremely cross
My countrymen despise my name
No likely end can spare me loss
Or flood of tears wash clean my shame

Nor law, nor sense of wrong and right
Nor moral compass did I heed
A sordid impulse of pure fright
Drove me to base and craven deed

I balance all, bring all to mind
I've dashed their hopes, betrayed their trust
‘Son of the Manse’ by all maligned
My reputation, turned to dust


Cazzy Jones said...

Hi HG - just found this via a link from Capitalists@Work. Excellent! Please have a link to my own - coincidental that I'd flagged up King Midas In Reverse as a song for our beloved PM just as your poem was published.

hatfield girl said...

Thank you for the link CJ. I accidentally deleted Angels Links but keep meaning to put it all back. (I wonder if it's too late for New Year resolutions?)

ND's default mode seems to be in verse - he makes it look quite effortless.

A money-printer is Midas in reverse really, isn't he?