Sunday, 20 March 2011

Off They Go

Sunday over (seeing as we are Christian forces, according to Gadaffi, that seems noteworthy)  it's all kicked-off again.   The Italian and Danish jets have set out, together with United Kingdom, French, and US forces, on the next stage of the suppression of attacks by Gadaffi's mercenaries on the people of Libya.

The Cypriots have been tapped sharply on the snout by Mr Cameron when trying to refuse the use of Cypriot bases, for UK planes are flying from Gioia del Colle  when they aren't flying from Norfolk, and were told we didn't need them anyway.

Russia is acting like a goad (or knout, I suppose would be a more appropriate Russian utensil) to further Allied action.  Every time the Russians get up to speed the Allies are already taking out the next means of Gadaffian oppression.  One wonders what action the Russians will precipitate next with their complaints and objections.

The Pope has told us all to pray for Libya, but he's a German and not on our side, so we're not sure what outcome he's asking us to pray for.  And the Arab Leagues have just had a sharp lesson in being careful what they ask for.  

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