Monday, 21 March 2011

Russia Divided

It's not just the Italian government that is creaking under the strain of events in Libya.  In Russia claims by the Prime Minister Vladimir Putin that some of the requirements of United Nations Resolution 1973 read like a Crusader call to arms have been rejected by President Medvedev.  Medvedev has declared that the Resolution reflects the Russian understanding of the situation in Libya and its provisions are reasonable, and have been put into effect reasonably. (Tass reports)

In the meantime the Russian Foreign Secretary Lavrov still has steam coming out of his ears about the Allied expression of their understanding of Resolution 1973, as he visits Egypt and continues (on Tuesday) to Algeria.  Expect more Allied interventions tonight, before he gets there.


Nick Drew said...

what price the suggestion that Putin is actually losing interest ?

hatfield girl said...

Losing interest in what, ND. Formal political power or the real thing?

There's a lot to be said for formal political power being considered just a route, a road map for the not very smart or the not very rich to perhaps get their hands on some real choices and actions. I don't think Putin has given up on real power but he doesn't need office any more.

Interesting, that interface.