Friday, 17 April 2015

Italian Navy to the Rescue of Sicilian Fishing Boat

This is the Airone, a fishing boat from Mazara del Vallo, in Sicily.  It was boarded by armed militias early this morning in international waters and taken in tow towards a Libyan port (probably Maserata).  The crew were resisting being towed and attempting to free the boat when the Italian navy turned up after the Italian department of Fisheries had protested to its counterpart in Libya but had been told the Libyan government knew nothing of the taking of the Airone.

A number of prisoners have been secured and the fishing boat is now under escort on its way to Lampedusa.  The fishermen were determined not to be taken by Libyan militias whose reputation ranges from vicious to murderous.

This incident follows yesterday's arrest by the carabinieri of just-landed islamic 'migrants' who had thrown Christian refugees into the sea, where they drowned.


The evening RAI news reports that the first Italian military resource to arrive at the beleaguered Airone  was a helicopter of the Italian Marines, rapidly followed by a small, fast boat full of marines arriving from the Italian naval intervention vessel (so useful these helicopter- troop-carrying, fast, naval resources compared with aircraft carriers).   The fishermen then finished off overpowering the islamic whatever they ares -government (denied) or terrorist - with a bit of help from their friends, and sailed for home and civilisation.

UPDATE Sunday morning

There are reports that the boarding party was of the official Libyan government.   On being contacted by the Italian government about the Airone the Libyan government said it knew nothing of the occurrence.  On which the Italian navy was dispatched to the scene and arrived with wholly admirable speed.

Frankly, I wouldn't have waited to find out; would you?  The master of the Italian fishing boat stated,  "I was determined to do anything necessary to get my men and my boat out of their hands and home."  Bravo, bravissimo .  Libyan 'government' has no credibility and cannot be trusted any more than Libyan 'insurgents'.


Anonymous said...

Blimey, i feel for the Italian trawler men but these guys are very tough lads.
Ah the glorious Med the sea that launched and floated civilization...... is now the war zone front line, I pray for Italy, I really do.


As an aside - and what about that internationalist [ but Frog inspired] idea of bringing in the southern coastal or north African Med nations into the Brussels Yep - probably still left on the back burner.

Thing is, the French won't have to wait long, the Maghreb is coming to them and by extension the land of benefits and free houses - the muslim satrapy of the Britanni-ummah innit - Yippee!

Anonymous said...

another hope and one I sincerely hope is not a forlorn one.

This jewel of a blog, is so important to providing a window on what is happening further afield - other than the navel gazing PC media propagandized mulch shoved down the throats of those Brits who are daft enough to watch/read/listen.

I occasionally drop in, it's an effort of bad Italian and school old latin recalled.... to see what the Italian press is saying [all bad] but this site gives a slightly more personal and thus far more interesting and human perspective.

Your blog, it needs a wider audience, it really does.