Monday, 13 April 2015

Opposing Islam and the Genocide Tendency

The Italian state response to fundamentalist islam showing its ugly face so close to  mainland Italy,  within Italy's Near Abroad, has been a physical blockade of some of its north African coast.  Particular protection has been given to energy supply installations both on-land and off-shore (as well, Italy is still scooping desperate refugees from islamic horror from watery graves: 1500 last week alone). *    This has been done with little fuss and great speed.  And has left  international organisations and the international Great and Good  to scurry about having talks and consultations and all the rest of it with whomsoever they choose.  In the meantime, while the UN et al. faff about,  islamics have taken their attentions and threats off  to the cultural vandalism of undefended human heritage in which they so excel.  Rome, it seems, might need a little longer after all.

Rome  is gathering other forces: not the State's naval and air coverage operating in the Mediterranean -  but Voice.   Politics and religion being the same thing,  opposing political primitives vested in religious garb is best undertaken by the religiously experienced.  The Christian Church  knows what has to be dealt with - it moves  its own religious primitives on into a more modern world after all.   In naming the three 20th century genocides for what they were -  the slaughter of peoples for primitive politico/ideological beliefs and goals - Pope Francis has placed fundamentalist islam within its proper modern category, the category of imperialism, nazism, and stalinism.

A Jesuit pope is just what is needed to take on islam's imams in the religious end of this political spectrum.  Rome has some experience in the assertion of imperial power too. 

UPDATE 14 April 2015

8,400 refugees have been saved from drowning in the last four days by the Italian navy and the Italian coastguard (RAI News at lunchtime).


Another  400 souls are feared drowned this afternoon (14 April).  The evening RAI news reports some people have been rescued from sinking, unseaworthy boats but there were just too many of them to save them all in time in the winter sea.


Anonymous said...

Is it not time that, the Church did speak out?

My Roman Catholicism has lapsed, I have had no crisis of faith, I still believe absolutely in the Word.
I still attend mass but the rite of the mass for me has been so reduced, popularized, secularized to a happy clappy folk group gathering.
Spiritualism, faith that ran deep in the Europe of old and which kept and maintained the European light, the mystery and the power of the Latin mass has been vanished to suit the liberal faggots who took over the society of Jesus and then the Catholic clergy.
I've said it for years: Fuck the liberals and their debauched cravings and Cultural Marxist equivocation for they have so undermined the Church. For I hate them as much if not more than the death cultists of the east.

Francis needs a bit more fire, primarily he needs to mend his Church. Then summon, impassion the fervour of Ignatius Loyola and a bit less diplomatic casuistry, attesting to the appalling atrocity of the Armenian genocide at the hands of the Sunni Janissaries, indeed was a noble start.

Francis, the SJ needs to focus on the truth and the might of the word.
Forthwith, he needs to invoke and summon the fear of the holy spirit to come among and shock Europe and Rome out of its fitful and self inflicted torpor.

You can only fight terror with unyielding, adamantean resolve. The Church once knew how, it remains to be seen if it can rekindle what was innate, determined resistance and no quarter ever surrendered.

The time is now, else it will be too late.

Lilith said...

Note the age and sex of the "refugees" from the boat from which the Christians were dispatched. Why are they all healthy looking young men? Where are the women, children and elderly?

hatfield girl said...

Hello Lilith!

What is happening in the Mediterranean is made even harder to grasp by the confusions deliberately introduced by PC thinking. On top of which the UK has effectively told Italy that they will provide no assistance in saving the drowning as

"it only encourages them to set out."

Other European countries like Greece and France are facing their own Africa - but the rest are a disgrace.

All of that, but the fact remains that people cannot be left to drown or we are reduced to the level of the barbarians. We will fish them out; then we must have help in sorting them out - in every meaning of the phrase. A lot of the migrants wandering about Florence are seriously disoriented and thus quite a threat to others, at whatever level we choose to apply the notion of disoriented.

hatfield girl said...

"... fight terror with unyielding, adamantean resolve. The Church once knew how, it remains to be seen if it can rekindle what was innate, determined resistance and no quarter ever surrendered."

There are quarters the Church should have surrendered - are surrendering -and Pope Francis leads his Faithful properly into Christian virtue, into hope and love and charity, Anon.

It is undeniably the case, however, that if we wish to fight fundamentalist islam we are foolish to ignore and deny the capacities of the Christian Church and its values.