Saturday, 3 October 2009

Light the Blue Touchpaper and Retire

Regardless of how the Irish referendum on Lisbon goes today, the New Labour operation to upset the concentration of the Conservative Conference on what is to be done in the debacle that Brown and Blair have made of our country is underway.

All of a sudden 'senior government sources' [read Mandelson, ed.] are claiming that by the end of the month Lisbon will have anointed Blair as president of the EU. Indeed. There are more than insurmountable institutional and bureaucratic obstacles in the way of such a fantasy.

But if it serves to waylay the Conservatives and prevent their discussion and presentation of their solutions to the crisis Brown has plunged us all into, if attention can be drawn to the very reasonable Conservative reflection of the widespread democratic unease in all parties and all member states on the implementation of the Lisbon treaty or anything like such a treaty called by any other name, then the Conservatives can be portrayed as same old, same old without the unity and clarity of purpose this country needs in the crisis that started in America, anywhere but with Brown and the New Labour cabal's incompetence and corruption.

Concentration on what can be done for the United Kingdom, and least of all on Europe, will turn this propaganda into a damp squib.


Sackerson said...

I hear Ireland's caved in. Are we EU-doomed?

What will Balloon Head and his toff friends do when they get in?

hatfield girl said...

I imagine they will give us a proper constitution and constitutional court. They could organise us a proper, functioning head of state, S, while they are at it. And fast redress for complaints. The German constitution is a good model. Even better, the Swiss. The Italian one irritates me with its opening words, so it won't do, though it does protect individual citizens from state abuse and authoritarianism.

Anyway, it must be what they mean to do if the Lisbon Treaty is accepted, as they cannot protect the UK by trying to use the EU or any of its powers, except the provision for states to leave, which I don't think people want. Attempting to negotiate the UK's relations with the EU via the EU would be silly. We just need to tell the EU that under a new UK constitution our relations to Lisbon and its arrangements have altered - just like Germany has already done and the Czechs intend to do, and the Irish (trusting lot) hope to be allowed to do when the Croation Accession Treaty comes up.

It's clear we have to give ourselves a new constitution so we might as well take the opportunity to protect our citizens properly.

Sackerson said...

I fear you're talking hope, not prediction.