Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Members of Parliament Answer to Us, the Electorate

There should have been a general election called when the scale on which parliamentarary expenses were being abused became clear. Members of Parliament answer first to their electorate, not to their Party, not to themselves and, when they themselves are discovered to be greedy, venal, grasping to the point of fraudulence, not to some hastily constructed set of rules considered to be reasonable - or unreasonable for that matter..

In continuing to obstruct an election Brown obstructs justice as well as democracy.

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Odin's Raven said...

Politicians clearly only answer to their self interest. Democracy is a sham. 'We' didn't appoint them, 'we' can't disciple or dismiss them.'We' will continue to vote for'them' in a punch and judy party system which provides entertaining distraction from the fact that the parties obey the interests which pay them.