Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Presidents Klaus and Medvedev Shoulder to Shoulder in Moscow

President Vaclav Klaus's meetings with Dmitry Medvedev in Moscow today were said to be “timely and successful” by the Russian President.

At a press conference after the negotiations the Russian president thanked the Czech leader for the country’s EU successful presidency in the first half of the year, and credited the Czech Republic with the success of the Russia-European Union May summit in Khabarovsk. The Russian president was today discussing “economic projects and the ways out of the global economic crisis” with the President of the Czech Republic.

“We have a very good trade turnover, and despite the crisis we have a chance to increase it, though even now it amounts to billions of euros... Today we concluded a considerable number of contracts worth hundreds of million dollars...". Medvedev went on to emphasize that "Despite the crisis our relations are developing”.

"... economic cooperation with Russia is very important” for the Czech Republic replied President Klaus, adding “We will continue dialogue at the top political level”. (Tass)

Billions of euros of trade, new contracts for hundreds of millions, dialogue at the highest political level.... And they cut short journalists' questions as they were off to meet with Secretary of State Clinton, who is in Russia for bi-lateral talks. The United States has form on holding bi-lateral talks with EU member states and indeed with NATO member states when it has a different agenda from the EU or even NATO. Missile defence shields, and refurbishing the Polish army for instance, were both deals set up and cancelled (cancelled on unknown terms) without reference to NATO or the EU.

President Klaus may not be quite as 'very well, alone' as our media are hoping at the top of their old Europe, Lisbon Treaty voices, nor as vulnerable to disgraceful bullying and worthless promises as was poor Ireland.

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Weekend Yachtsman said...

"President Klaus may not be quite as ...vulnerable to disgraceful bullying and worthless promises as was poor Ireland."

Let us fervently hope so.

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