Thursday, 4 February 2010

Gordon's Got Another London Conference...

...only this time mostly those in deep financial doo-doo are  coming.

Mr HG's computer is much more interesting than mine.  Indeed this is probably true of his life - yet little makes him wonder.  But this did (once I had distracted his attention from whatever he was up to on the wood-carrying, organic fertiliser ordering, lunch-cooking front).

policy network
new ideas for progressive politics
Policy Network
Jobs, industry and opportunity: growth strategies after the crisis

Progressive Governance Conference, central London, 19 February, 9am - 4pm

The financial crisis has urged us to rethink our approach to economic policy. Having averted a 1930s style depression, the focus of progressive politicians around the world is now shifting towards delivering a new politics of sustainable economic growth and job creation, one that is forward thinking and transformative and acknowledges the role of strategic public investment in our shared prosperity. At this critical juncture:

• What can governments do domestically to promote long-term sustainable economic growth?

• Which industries have growth potential and how can governments support their development?

• Given the priority of tackling unemployment and fostering more and better jobs, what kinds of policies and institutional structures can deliver the best outcomes?

• How can economic growth and job creation be encouraged in the context of the transition to a low-carbon economy?

• What is the future for international cooperation and global governance after Copenhagen and the G20 Summits?

Bringing together prominent European heads of government, political leaders and senior policy experts from across the world, this major progressive governance gathering will aim to shape this new politics and set the direction for a new socio-economic settlement for our times.

In the run-up to the event Policy Network will publish a series of short articles by some of the world's foremost economic and political thinkers. Alongside discussions on the day, they will put forward an intellectual framework for debate as well as innovative policy ideas for growth strategies after the crisis.

The discussions will be part of a series of Progressive Governance Conferences organised by Policy Network, acting in its capacity as international secretariat to the Progressive Governance Network.

Confirmed speakers
Gordon Brown, prime minister of the UK
Jens Stoltenberg, prime minister of Norway
jose luis rodriguez zapatero, prime minister of Spain
George Papandreou, prime minister of Greece
Mona Sahlin, the leader of the Swedish Social Democrats
Peter Mandelson, the UK first secretary of state
Pascal Lamy, director-general of the WTO
Karen Kornbluh, US ambassador to the OECD
"Casting their net pretty wide to mail me", remarked Mr HG.  "They wouldn't like me having my say one bit."

What is this conference, paid for out of our taxes, anyway?  The mayday call from the Titanic?


Elby the Beserk said...

And here, Mr. Progressive himself, Kenneth Livingstone, still not having emigrated to the Socialist paradise that is Venezuela,
has his own "Progressive" get on down and boogie right here

hatfield girl said...

Goodness Elby, at least he wasn't on THEIR mailing list. That would have been 'we cannot go on like this' territory.