Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Northern Irish Questions

Northern Irish Questions at 11.30 this morning. Lots of the Northern Irish MPs will be in London then. 

Angels are surprised Brown hasn't announced a summit. You know, one of his opportunistic summity things.   He's usually awfully quick of the mark to have his piccy taken while he leads the world in statesmanship and reconciliation.

After all, New Labour's policy on Northern Ireland is nothing more than  buying off violence after failed military intervention,   announcing the training of police forces and setting up of governance and justice institutions, perverting democracy into power-sharing, and calling it bringing peace -  so he ought to have called a summit,  just like last week for Afghanistan.

Perhaps the Northern Irish who had thought of themselves as citizens of the United Kingdom are taking the opportunity to have talks with others on hanging in there and not transferring United Kingdom state powers of justice and policing to Irish separatists. 

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