Friday, 14 September 2012

Judging for Ourselves

Here is what the German Constitutional Court actually said.  Levels of bad faith/ignorance/misrepresentation/lies in the media and its representations of the European Central Bank's actions/ intentions/hubris etc.,  can be measured directly.


Hospitable Scots Bachelor said...

Bad faith and Europe! They go together like a ball and chain don't they?

hatfield girl said...

Hello HSB, they do: but the skill is to identify those in bad faith on each occasion.

As you are Scottish you will have the opportunity to vote in the Scottish independence referendum in 2014. If you all vote for independence, Scotland can choose to become an accession state to the EU, or other terms entirely for its relationship with the European Union.

Might you like to tell us if that prospect tempts you to support a for independence vote in the referendum?