Wednesday, 26 September 2012


Chief Inspector Jason Tingley said: “What is being played out is a romantic contact. There is nothing to say we or her family should be concerned about the level of safety from him.” (reported in the Sun).

Imagine being 15 years old, in a country where you cannot speak the language, with a man you barely know (despite whatever relationship he has imposed upon you) without money or contact with any part of your family and everyday life support system.  You are completely dependent for your well being on someone who has removed you from every means of support and protection.

This is not 'a romantic contact' and there is everything to say and 'be concerned about  the level of safety from him', and the circumstances  this child is in.  If the local authority, the school, and the police view are represented by Tingley's understanding of the seriousness of all this perhaps parents might consider if they want to send their children to school at all.

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