Wednesday, 12 September 2012

What will the Constitutional Court's "But' entail?

Second-guessing the German constitutional court, or discussing what they 'ought' to rule is a scary thought.  Much of the discussion in the English-speaking  media has been very down on a ruling that finds the ESM in keeping with the German constitution.  At best there seems to be a demand for an overbearing 'But' added to a grudging 'It just squeaks by'.

Angels would like to hear proposals for constitutional changes, both in the EU and in Germany.  That would be much more constructive.

The German Consitutional Court has given a 'Yes' to the ESM.

The German constitutional court has reserved the right  to an assessment of the implications of OMTs at a later, unspecified date.  Much more important than exceeding the 190 billion euros needing a vote in the German parliament.  At 191 billion euros Angels would want oversight and voting too.  

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