Wednesday, 5 December 2012


 Eviva il Communismo e la liberta'

Forty percent of the  Partito Democratico electorate voted against this destructive world view.
These people have beaten open the door to Berlusconi's return with their clenched-fists.


Nomad said...

Oh dear! Polly will be furious! (Not that I follow Italian politics much, but I have enjoyed reading your running commentaries of late).

Caronte said...

Clearly the PD are touchy about that photograph, their official website reproduces it together with eight other photos of people celebrating victory with clenched fists, from Cardinal Bertone to Nelson Mandela, from Angela Merkel to the defunct Christian Democratic leader De Gasperi. They are trying to dispel the association between clenched fists and the traditional Communist salute. Cowards.

a musician said...

Met Renzi today having lunch with his wife; he warmly embraced members of our party and apologised for not being able to come to our next concert.
He seemed a very nice, normal sort of chap.

hatfield girl said...

Thank you Nomad. I'm glad this outing for a political hangover caught your interest.

Cowards indeed C. They can't think to have people vote for them by posing as democrats after their outstanding performances at every level and in every polling station in the primaries. if they think so well of communism why don't they stand as communists?

What are you playing Musician?

Elby the Beserk said...

Long Live Communism & Freedom!!!!

Sorry, dears - the two are mutually exclusive. Do keep up.

Nomad. Polly is always furious. It's her default state.