Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Profumo di Sinistra

When the leader of the Solidarity Ecology Liberty Party lost in the first round of the Italian Democratic party primaries (thank God) he endorsed Pierluigi Bersani (former communist) for the leadership vote in the second round against Matteo Renzi (who is for scrapping the old guard in the Democratic party.)

"There is a scent of the true Left about Bersani, a profumo di sinistra",  eulogised the greenery-yallery primitive socialist from away across the rainbow.

Here is the list of those  yesterday guaranteed seats in the next Italian Parliament by the scented Left:

Mauro Agostini, Rosy Bindi, Gianclaudio Bressa, Anna Finocchiaro, Giuseppe Fioroni, Maria Pia Garavaglia, Giuseppe Lumia, Franco Marini, Cesare Marini, Giorgio Merlo.

The scent of an open sewer drifts across the Italian Peninsula.

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