Friday, 7 December 2012


The Prime Minister of Italy is in Milan for the Opening at La Scala.  He has left Rome and behind him all the revolting scrabbling by dead politicians of Right and Left for shreds of nation-state power and party/personal profit - reminiscent rather of John Major on his way to the Oval to watch the cricket, mutatis mutandis.

He cannot hear this tonight (as once did a  very small Hatfield Girl).  But he will be listening to Lohengrin with an extraordinary cast of singers;  Jonas Kaufmann sings this evening if you prefer a more 'modern' interpretation under Barenboim.


cuffleyburgers said...

I always thought that mutatis mutandis had something to do with with changing your underwear...

Congratulations on your exposition of Italian politics, I cannot get to grips with it at all, and find it impossibly frustrating and depressing to follow.

Nick Drew said...


that rounded off the week nicely

hatfield girl said...

I have only ever heard two of the heldentenors, ND. Windgassen and Konya.

Windgassen seemed very old and his voice a spectre of technique and performance know how - an extraordinary voice but it needed more input than I had the knowledge to give.

Konya knocked the socks off.

It would be nice to be at La Scala tonight.