Monday, 25 February 2013

Comrade Bersani Does it Again: Proto Communists Let down the Centre and the Left

No-one could call David Cameron a Communist but he has in common with Pierluigi Bersani the utter incompetence of missing an open goal.  Unfortunately for comrade Bersani there is no party with whom he can usefully ally post-election - all the eligible nasties are already in his coalition.  And the leading Party in the Lower House is the 5 Star Movement, who are in alliance with no-one and least of all would touch an authoritarian statist with a barge pole.

Already the comrades are calling for another election.  So is Angels but only on the scrapping of the rotten old Leninists imposed upon us by democratic centralism last November.  We'll vote Centre and even Left but not Communist.  Had Matteo Renzi led the Democratic Party we would have a new government in Italy.


Bill Quango MP said...

Be interesting. Exit polls here have a win for both houses for Bersani.

BBC had too close to call.

So will have to wait and see.

hatfield girl said...

Wait on Mr Quango.

Bersani has lost the Senate vote (in a perfectly bicameral parliament) in the majority of regions, including Lombardy, Veneto, Sicily, Puglia, Campania (among others). This means that Berlusca gets the winner's prizes in all those large regions; the Senate is a regionally representative house.
Bersani has won the most votes in the wrong places for the Senate. Whoops. He does not command a majority of the seats in the Senate but neither does Berlusconi, despite HIS winning the major regional prizes, because of the Five Stars extraordinary vote.

The Five Stars have done so well (hurrah) that they have a major role in the Senate and are the leading Party in the Lower house (although they do not win the winner's prizes THERE because the prizes go to Bersani in his unpleasant rainbow coalition with his even further left comrades).

Napolitano has already said he will invite the Leader of the largest seat-commanding coalition in the Lower House to try and gain a vote of confidence in an administration. Because of the Porcellum, that's Bersani.

But he cannot obtain a vote of confidence in the Senate UNLESS he makes an alliance beyond an alliance with Monti's miserable number of seats (boy did we resent austerity and tax rises when all we needed was Draghi and a lender of last resort).

I repeat, 5-Stars is not going to support statist authoritarian Leninists. So Bersani isn't going to get a vote of confidence in both Upper and Lower houses. Whoops again.

I note that the new Parliament is scheduled to meet for its Opening on the Ides of March. Step up Bersani, we're waiting for you.