Thursday, 21 February 2013

Italy's Independence Day

The Italian general election is less the 72 hours away and still the polls are returning astonishingly high numbers for undecided.  We may be undecided but our numbers are the determinant in this election so crucial for the European Project. 

Mario Monti has failed in his effort to unite the centre and the Right.  He has at best 15% of voters.  The imposition of the proto-communist leadership on the centre and the Left has caused the steady decline of the mainstream left of centre vote from almost 50% three months ago to hovering on the 30% mark now.  The impossibility of introducing electoral reform during the Monti administration resulting from obdurate defence of the Porcellum by the hidebound extant political parties has reduced us to a proportional representation system with a strong element of first past the post (from the winner's premium).  This is provoking (as it would) strong polarisation that of itself causes voters to recoil in disgust at some of the bed-fellows of their preferred party.

Except for Grillo.  Grillo and his internet/local community  based movement has broken through the barrage of first disparagement and then terrified aggression unleashed by the propaganda machines of the established parties  and the European Project.  Now over 20% in the defective, poorly circulated and highly politicised polls available, the Five Star Movement may well be convincing, at the ultimate, the voters who are undeclared.

There are two explanations for this: first, a Five Star predominance (there can be no talk of victory in this election) will lead to new elections in short order: second, voting for the Five Star movement enables us, the voters, to enact the scrapping of the old leaderships, the old communists and old criminals, that Matteo Renzi was prevented from achieving by the disgraceful exercise in democratic centralism practiced last November by the Democratic Party (and, further back, the deposition of the Berlusconi government by another old communist using the under-determined provisions of the Italian constitution in order to protect the European Project from collateral damage via the Euro.)

We want two elections.  We want to get rid of Bersani as leader of the left of centre and we want to get rid of Berlusconi as the leader of the right of centre.  Were these two groupings led by Matteo Renzi and Mario Monti this would be a most straightforward of choices.  Instead personal ambition, ideological corruption and  contempt for the voters has led to unacceptable coalition blocs led by unacceptable elites seriously expecting us to take them seriously.  They and their media shriek at us that Grillo is a comedian:  he replies that they smell of mothballs.  19th and 20th century mothballed politics that we can put away for ever when we vote on Sunday.

There must be two elections however, for so radical are Grillo's European policies - rapidly summed-up they require the re-founding of the European Union as an association of independent nation states with all that implies for 'ever-deeper union' - that we need to choose first to scrap the zombie political system on offer, and then vote again on whether we want a United States of Europe or our country back.

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