Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Monti Won't Ally with Bersani's Allies

The Italian media are running with accounts of negotiations between, and takings-of-position  by, the Bersani Democratic Party and Prime Minister Monti.  All of it in terms of what is to be done by the Bersani faction with their extreme Left allies who helped defeat the Centre vote in the so-called democratic primaries for the leadership of the Party. 

Monti is reported to have given an aut aut (I could wish the Italians less ready to fall into Latin and save me having to check I've understood) to Bersani but Angels doubts it is really about the Solidarity  Ecology Liberty party, despite the media attempting to lead us in that direction.

The Bersani faction is in alliance with the communist  CGIL federation of unions and, more particularly, the hard left FIOM (the metal bashers union led by the Italian Red Robbo.)    This is the alliance up with which Monti will not put.

"Il mio polo √® il mio polo e che nessuno lo tocchi." declared Bersani.  (For English language speakers this sentence might have them reaching for the mind bleach but it translates as 'My alliance is my alliance and no-one touches it.')  The spread is 295 and rising, after falling back substantially when Berlin ordered a grand coalition during Bersani's daytrip to Berlin yesterday. 

We're being ungovernable again.

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