Friday, 13 February 2009

The London G 20 Meeting is a Waste of Time

Horribly apparent is the utter inapproprietness of holding the G20 meeting in London on 2 April. What might have been said on the need for a global response to the 2009 Depression was said in Washington last year. There is only one purpose to the London meeting - getting a boost for the Saviour of the World.

Were President Sarkozy an Angel, he would summon the leaders of important economies and financial institutions and host them in Paris (so much lovelier a city in early Spring than London, indeed the City of Light is infinitely more attractive than London always). This would have the enormous advantage of inviting those who matter rather than those who want to, and would be convenient for the next day meetings of NATO without experiencing the infinite pain of getting on and off the United Kingdom mainland. After all, now Banana Boy has started refusing admittance to EU member-state members of parliament (and to Angel's domestic help, grrrr there's enough to do without doing it all myself) who knows who else might be turned back at Heathrow?

It is encouraging that the President of the United States may well not attend. Come on the rest of you, drop Gordon.

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