Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Setting Scotland and England Free of Labour Rule

Putting up with subsidising Scotland is becoming far too expensive. Most Scottish people would like Scottish independence. Most English people would like Scottish votes, over matters wholly within Scottish control in Scotland, withdrawn. None of us are happy with the Union. We want it recast as a much looser federal and geopolitical liaison.

The only beneficiary of the Scottish/English union in its current form is the Labour party. That alone is enough for most of us to see red. Scotland can take back its MPs, its demands on the English tax-payer, and its core Labour client voters. It can take its oil fields too. England can be rid of the ridiculous Labour inheritance and get on with being a modern state. As for the oil fields, no doubt something can be worked out without having to share a bed with the corpse of socialism.

And as far as the Trident nuclear deterrent is concerned, seeing as it seems to be impossible to share the Atlantic with the French navy perhaps it would be best to close down the programme as it draws to the end of its useful life, and hold England's nuclear strength in some other way. After all, other forms of nuclear investment are to be centred on England.

Enough is enough with Scotland. They want out and so do we. Who cares that it will result in the dismemberment of an authoritarian, unelected, bankrupt regime.


banned said...

I think it is true that every single Labour Government has depended upon Scottish MPs for their majority in Parliament. Presumably Scottish Lords would also have to go once a definition for such a thing was agreed upon.

As for Scotland, well we've had their oil so they might as well go their own way now.

Anonymous said...

The EU will love you, Hats.

That's their permanent seat on the Security Council, just ready to fall into their laps, if this comes to pass.

hatfield girl said...

Would you rather -
have permanent, post-democratic New Labour regime rule, or a seat on the Security Council of a defunct and corrupt entity currently being reanimated for further 'global' post-democratic undertakings and propaganda?