Monday, 26 November 2012

Apparatchiks Offensive

Extraordinarily, the former communist and socialist Left and their supporters in the trade unions are attempting to deny a right to vote in  next Sunday's Partito Democratico primary run-off to anyone who did not vote last Sunday.  Renzi's supporters have asked what is going to happen next week when voters present themselves armed with the extensive and intrusive documentation already imposed by the Partito Democratico elites.  Will we be turned away, as were properly documented voters at the last round who were identified by PD officials as 'of the Right'? (these last were mostly supporters of civic lists, ie not Party-aligned, in comunes up and down the country.  And very nasty too are some of the videos of Party stalwarts, hands on hips and wall to wall aggression, denying voters a vote).

The results of last Sunday's voting are still not being posted on the results site village by village, town by town, city by city but only aggregated at regional, or at best provincial level.  The former Soviet Union would be proud of its descendents.  We need a Transition in the West just as much as it was needed in the East of Europe.

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