Saturday, 24 November 2012



lilith said...


hatfield girl said...

Mmmm, but apart from that, L, if my hair had been cut in such a fashion I'd take their own scissors to them. The brow can only be described as Scouse.

Bit of a problemo with the coat: too big (hanging in folds from the shoulders) and too cheap to pretend to its derivation; as for the shirt, perhaps it was cut by her hairdresser from one she had earlier; can't see the rest but I'd bet there's a tight little skirt ending above an inappropriately exposed knee, ever so slightly snagged black tights, and a vicious pair of heels.

Anyone who chases the style parodied here needs thousands not hundreds.


Jeff Wood said...

Look again, ladies - you missed the eyes.

This is an apparatchik with no soul.