Monday, 12 November 2012

Feeding Stories to the BBC

The Bureau of Investigative Journalism.  That's a name that George Orwell would have been pleased to invent.  As for its claims that investigative journalism is not playing a sufficiently prominent role in the media and the need for  Bureau  to fill this perceived lack, this fulfils all the promise of its orwellian title.

Some of its funding and resources can be found here.  Quite a lot of Third Sectorishness about it.


Elby the Beserk said...

And apropos of the BIJ, Guido's on their case

The man who sent that now infamous tweet on the morning of the Newsnight McAlpine report has resigned from the Bureau of Investigative Journalism. Their Managing Editor Iain Overton’s name no longer appears on the BIJ website. Another stunning success for the operation that before this had revealed that Bell Pottinger broke Wikipedia’s terms of use and smeared Help for Heroes. Supporters are running for the hills…

hatfield girl said...

And if Guido isn't an investigative journalist - who was reviled by some readers for quite properly redacting the publication of names by others, and refusing to further the circulation of blameless names - who is, Elby?

But it was the orwellian mindset that could have produced such a name for their organisation that was really telling for me.

hatfield girl said...
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Nick Drew said...

I have dealt with some folks at the Centre for IJ (which seems to be related) whom I judged to be on the side of the ... er, Angels

balanced, reasonable, a bit relentless perhaps (- but what would you expect)

so I wouldn't have them down as inherently wrong'uns

then again, who can tell anything these days